Walls of Time: Bluegrass Podcast

Field recorded interviews with the best in bluegrass. Hosted by Daniel Mullins.

S2 E5. Kitsy Kuykendall: The Rolling Stone of Bluegrass

June 30th, 2020



Kitsy Kuykendall is one of bluegrass music's most beloved personalities. Her late husband, Pete Kuykendall founded Bluegrass Unlimited magazine, fondly referred to as "The Rolling Stone of Bluegrass." Kitsy and Pete dedicated their lives to promoting, supporting, and spreading the music of bluegrass throughout the world. For over 50 years, Bluegrass Unlimited has been the premier print resource for this music community, and Kitsy’s energy, personality, and knowledge have been factors in its success and longevity. Daniel sat down with Kitsy at the 2019 IBMA World of Bluegrass business conference, where Kitsy is referred to as "The Queen." They talked about the origins of the magazine, its current state, its lasting impact, and the legacy of her late husband, Pete Kuykendall. Enjoy this episode of Walls of Time: Bluegrass Podcast with the always engaging, Kisty Kuykendall.

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