Walls of Time: Bluegrass Podcast

Field recorded interviews with the best in bluegrass. Hosted by Daniel Mullins.

S2 E15. Del McCoury: Loggin’ Man

September 8th, 2020


A member of the Grand Ole Opry and the Bluegrass Hall of Fame, Del McCoury has one of the most distinctive voices in all of roots music. With The Del McCoury Band, he has led one of the most successful bluegrass bands of all time, bringing the high lonesome sound to new places and new heights. Del sits down with Daniel Mullins at the Dayton Art Institute to talk about his legendary career. From his humble beginnings growing up on a farm, to his many years working in the timber business, Del’s story is one of unexpected twists and turns, both personally and professionally. He talks with Daniel about making music with some of the genre’s founders, like Bill Monroe and Don Reno, and how The Del McCoury Band’s ability to embrace variety has helped in creating a diverse fanbase and has also led to some unique collaborations, like with The Preservation Hall Jazz Band.  Let’s say “DEL YEAH!” as we head to Dayton, OH to sit backstage with the Grammy award-winning Del McCoury, for the Season Two finale of the Walls of Time: Bluegrass Podcast.

(A big shout out to our buddy, Key Chang. Without him, this episode would not have been possible. Thanks, Key!)

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