Walls of Time: Bluegrass Podcast

Field recorded interviews with the best in bluegrass. Hosted by Daniel Mullins.

S1 E4. Peter Rowan: The Keening Tones

September 13th, 2019


Peter Rowan, a former Bluegrass Boy, has a storied career that includes working alongside Jerry Garcia with the West Coast band, Old & In The Way, and a reputation as an innovative and multi-faceted solo artist. He and our host, Daniel Mullins, get deep on this episode of Walls of Time. Listen to this music history lesson from one of roots music’s most eclectic creators. He talks poetry, the soulful origins of bluegrass, and even some Eastern Mysticism. Hear about how the classic bluegrass song, “Walls of Time” was written and so much more in this field interview with your host, Daniel Mullins, in a hotel suite in Bellevue, Washington between sets at Wintergrass. 

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